Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Blog Feature - Scrivener's Retreat - Ongoing - Pets

Ongoing - Blog Feature

Scrivener's Retreat

Looking for: I am interested in cute items for pets, pet owners, or regular people that are photographed well. I am also looking for ferret owners who would like their ferrets featured in my weekly post on Fridays.

Submission Deadline: Ongoing

Restrictions: None. I am open to sellers of any venue and those who only sell on their own websites as well.

Contact: Natalie at scrivenersretreat [at] cox [dot] net

Additional Info: I own five ferrets and sell ferret/pet toys. My blog tends to be more on the personal/non-business side of life because I try not to sell to my readers too much. But when I find a really great item for sale, I am happy to throw some views the seller's way.