Monday, June 22, 2009

Blog Feature - CelesteCraft

Ongoing - Blog Feature

I am a crafts person who believes that art works best as a mutually beneficial community. When I speak positively about other artists, it promotes interest in all artists. So I write about what is going on in my local community (Central Coast of California) as well as world-wide. You can see it at

I need people who love to share about themselves. If you can tell me good stories about yourself and your work, then it gives me lots of space to post pictures promote you like crazy! I sometimes will send questions back and forth, conversation style, so you should be able to deal with that. If I have enough material, I will feature you for multiple consecutive days. I have no deadline, I line up features as they are available. If I offer you a feature, I will send you some preliminary questions and ask for your permission to use pictures from your site. You can give me additional pictures if it helps tell your story. I may follow-up for clarification, etc. That should be everything I need from you.

Please contact me at CelesteCraft [!at] and put "blog feature please" in your subject line. I'm happy to hear from anyone, but I reserve the right to not feature you if I think you're a bad fit for my site.

Thanks very much!

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