Sunday, June 21, 2009

How to Use Find A Feature

I created Find A Feature to solve a dilemma I have. I routinely need people to feature on my Lefthand Madens blog and interview people for etc., and each time I need more people, I have to go back into different forums and post and keep checking back, etc. This seems really inefficient to me. While I'm in these forums, I see other posts from other folks looking for the same thing, so it dawned on me, why not have a place where people can post what they're looking for?

So that's what Find A Feature is. It's a blog where you as a blogger/reporter/giveaway sponsor can email me about what type of person you're looking to feature/interview/invtite, and I'll post it for you. FAF also has an Etsy presence, so you can convo me their as well. This blog has a Twitter account as well, and I'll be tweeting about active posts on a regular basis as well as going into the major forums to let people know that if they're interested in being featured on a blog, being in a giveaway, or even being interviewed by news sites in the handmade community, they can come and check out the listings here. Everything will be kept up to date and won't get dusty.

So, if you're interested in featuring or interviewing jewelers, knitters, painters, photographers, soapers, quilters, toymakers, bakers, newbies,or candlestick makers, etc., etc., etc., then is the place for you. And if you're interested in hosting a giveaway and need participants, then you're also in the right place. Please see the guidelines post to get started!

And if you're interested in being featured or participating in a giveaway, then you come here and search by tags for open giveaways, for bloggers looking to feature sellers that fit your profile, or reporters looking for stories that might be a good fit for you.


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