Friday, August 7, 2009

Blog Feature - Archdiva - Ongoing - Handmade Sellers

Ongoing - Blog Feature


Looking for: I'm seeking sellers who hand make...anything! I have a weekly feature entitled "Inside the Artisan's Studio", a weekly peek into the creative process of artisans and craftspeople. I've based my questions on those asked by James Lipton during "Inside the Actor's Studio" but with an artistic twist.

Submission Deadline: Ongoing

Restrictions: None. My request is open to all venues, though since I am an Etsy seller myself, up until this point I have focused mostly on other Etsy sellers since that is who I am networked with primarily. I am eager to profile a diverse selection of sellers and venues though!

Contact: Interested artisans, please fill out this form. There are 10 questions (as seen on prior posts) plus some contact and other general information to complete. I will contact artisans to clarify any information, confirm their participation and share their scheduled feature date. I reserve the right to edit answers for length, but have generally posted all answers "as is" up to this point. Questions? Email archdiva [at] gmail [dot] com.